Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wildtree wants to send me to Jamaica!! But I need your help!

This post is for my fabulous Wildtree customers!

I'm in need of a little see, Wildtree is sending it's top reps on an all-expense-paid vacation to Jamaica, and I want to be on that trip!!! I'm offering up the BEST DEAL I've **ever** offered, hoping you'll want to take advantage, and help me out while helping yourself to some awesome Wildtree food and meals! I'm in the final month of a year-long qualification process, and I'm a bit of a stretch away, but still within reach. I have a little (and CRAZY) personal challenge in this, to finish this out strong and earn a trip for two - so I can bring my hubs along!

So I'm hoping you...

1. Love Wildtree food and cook with it yourself (so you need more!)
2. Like FREEBIES! (especially delicious ones)
3. Or just love ME as your longtime and shameless Wildtree rep (and know that I'm DYING to take my husband to Jamaica...just look how gorgeous it is!)

Start laughing now (and then place an order, pleeease!) as you read below, what I need to accomplish before month-end, to earn this trip...(it's big, I'm telling you...the crazy in me is coming out)...ok, here we go...deep breaths..I need:

50 orders (now down to 20!)
$50 each (or more!)
in the next 3 weeks! (Down to ONE WEEK LEFT!)

Yes, you read that right, to earn this trip, I need 50 orders for at least $50 in the next few weeks! That's a huge part of why I have this offer for YOU...chock full of freebies...

Here's the DEAL:

  • Order at least $25 worth of product and I'll give you FREE SHIPPING
  • Order $50 and I'll give you free shipping AND an additional $15 in product!
  • Order $100 and I'll give you free shipping and an additional $35 in product!
  • Order $200 and I'll give you free shipping and $75 extra free!!
    • All the freebies are YOUR CHOICE - anything from the catalog or customer specials!

Let's talk Customer Specials! Two great deals:

1. Our Make Fresh Dinners bundle (8 meals, all under 600 calories, comes with a shopping list and cooking instructions for all recipes!) Only $23.75 with a $50 purchase, or apply it to your $15 freebies and pay only $8.75 for it! What?!

2. Winter Classics Bundle (7 products, 3 of which are BRAND NEW) only $31 with a $50 purchase or apply it to your freebies also! to order?!

1. Reply to this email directly (this special is NOT available online, you must email me!)
2. I need your items (including the freebies you want)
3. I need your shipping address confirmation
4. I'll invoice you once I add up your totals!

My goal is to put a 17 person order in each week for the next three weeks, so if you want your items sooner rather than later, be sure to email me ASAP so you can get in on the first round of orders!

Thank you SO SO much for supporting my business and helping me with this huge goal of earning a trip for myself and my husband to Montego Bay, Jamaica!!!

Jenna Hoskinson
your trusty Wildtree gal for 3+ years!

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